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Every project is approached with an attention to detail and focus on your business, product or service that will maximise your investment. Storytelling remains at the heart of every film I make as that is the single most important part of creating a feeling, reaction or understanding in a customer.

“By 2020, video will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic” (Cisco) so now is the time to create and share engaging video content with your audience.


The service I offer covers everything from commercial photography and events to product shots and social media content. I’ve photographed for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including Virgin Media, Cadbury, Lucozade, Lloyds Pharmacies and Thomson Reuters. Digital content is driven by images and having a varied and creative library of high quality, high resolution photographs should be a priority on par with video content.

“If you’re sharing a photo you want it to be a good photo.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Editing & Retouching

There is a well known belief that every film is made three times: in scripting, when it’s shot and then finally when it’s edited. Each skill is as important as the other and the ability to do all three is crucial in delivering the highest quality of visual content.

“Editing is not a technical process. It’s an artistic process. It’s about storytelling. What editors do is the final rewrite of the script.” – Jack Tucker

Project Management

Planning and research is as important as the shoot itself. Without a clear and structured plan of how to approach the project, both shooting and editing become much more difficult and time-consuming. I love to be involved from the very earliest conversation because it allows me to understand a product or service more thoroughly and consequently create something more closely aligned to your brand.

““Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.” – Brian Tracy

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